Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Sleeping Beauty Proposal

Bad blogger here.

I have an actual excuse for last week, my first graduate paper (an eight source annotated bibliography on Jacob’s Room and the Comedy of Manners).

This week my excuse is I’m on spring break, and by “I’m on spring break” I mean, I’m working. Oh how I miss being on the student side of academia.

However, I do have a recommendation for a good book. The Sleeping Beauty Proposal by Susan Strohmeyer.

Genie thinks that her hunky, English, writer boyfriend has finally proposed to her on national television… until he says that she said “yes” when she hasn’t actually talked to him. But her best friend has a “great” idea. No one (other than the two of them – and the not-fiancĂ© of course) knows that they’re not engaged, so why not run with it? Wallow in the gifts. Bask in the bridal glow for a while.

And that’s all great, until a guy come along that Genie might actually like to be with. But of course, she’s off limits and that a line that a guy like him would never cross (or would he?).

The story is well told with great, crazy characters and a fun narratorial voice. Those that like Sophie Kindsella or Meg Cabot will like this great example of good chick lit.

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