Friday, January 1, 2010

Day Five of the Countdown to the No Kiss Blogfest

Some thoughts on the perfect almost kiss.

The perfect almost kiss.

What goes into the perfect almost kiss? What actually qualifies as an almost kiss that’s not a real kiss? Does it have to be on the lips or will any kiss disqualify it from the “almost” category?

For example: If someone goes in for the kiss and it ends up being instead rerouted (unintentionally or intentionally on the part of the kissee) by the turn of a head, landing on the cheek, does it still count? Or if the kisser kisses the kissee on the cheek or forehead (intentionally) instead of on the lips, does it count as an almost kiss?

Also, in order for a perfect almost kiss to occur does the kiss need to be interrupted? Can, rather than interruption, one member of the kiss decide that the kiss should not occur and therefore avert it? Would it still qualify for perfection?

Or, if they are interrupted, who/what must/should do the interrupting? Should it be a human force or can it be a so-called “Act of God” (be it happenstance or because God actually doesn’t want you to kiss)?

These are all questions one must consider (or at least, I have been considering) when composing the perfect almost kiss, because, as we all know, the perfect almost kiss can be almost as good as the real thing.

In fiction anyway.

Tomorrow's the big day!

I was going to add a clip or two for today from either the TV show gLee or Bones but could not find the clips I was looking for. They're both great shows, though, so check them out.

See ya' tomorrow! (Oh, and Happy New Year!)

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