Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Book that Changed My Life

**This was supposed to go up yesterday, but anyone’s who’s ever worked at a University could tell you that the first week of a semester is INSANE! So here it is.**

I just read The Book that Changed My Life. One of the professors at the University where I work used one of the chapters for one of her classes and it caught my attention.

In this book 71 writers talk about the books that have changed their lives. The authors include Anne Lamott, Frank, McCourt and Jack Prelutsky, among others, and the books they discusss include The Lord of the Rings, A Room of One’s Own, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Even though I had never read many of the books discussed, I felt as though some of the things that were said were practically pulled from my head. All of the entries were short, though some were shorter than others, so it was a pretty easy and quick read. It was interesting to see the wide variety of books that have affected writers, and the ways they have been affected.

Another aspect of the book that I liked was the fact that a portion of the sale of each book goes to the organization Read To Grow. This organization provides books for every child born in several hospitals in Connecticut (I believe) in the hope that these books will encourage a love of reading in children that will last with them forever. I really believe that reading to children is the way to create children who love to read, and any organization that encourages this has my support (providing their legit of course).

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