Thursday, December 3, 2009

FTC Guidelines Stuff

About a month and a half ago or so I received an e-mail making me aware of some FTC guidelines about book reviews. It’s a little hazy about how this applies to blogs, but I’ll attempt to comply. Apparently, as a book reviewer I am supposed to disclose where I got the books that I review. Most of the books I review I either purchase myself, borrow from the library, or receive through Paperback Swap. There are some, however, that I have received for free from various conferences I have gone to. I frequently cannot remember which ones they are. No one has specifically asked me to review these books and I in no way benefit from someone else purchasing them after reading my review. The companies, of course, benefit from it, but I don’t believe that was their goal in giving them to me for free (but it may have been, I am not a mind reader :P)

Also, in the nature of full disclosure, if you click on the Paperback Swap link at the bottom of the page and then decide to join I should receive a free credit for recommending you. I have no idea how well this works because to my knowledge no one has tried it and I don’t really read computer code, so it may not be connected to my account correctly and I would never know. And to be honest, I’m not really that concerned about it. I want more to share the wonder of Paperback Swap with the world than to get the credit for it. The credits are just a bonus :P.

Hopefully this is what the FTC is looking for and they will not fine me thousands of dollars I don’t have.

Have a good day!

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