Monday, September 21, 2009

What I learned from ACFW Conference 2009

What I learned from ACFW Conference 2009:

  • How (not) to write a proposal
  • Always read what you’re getting into
  • It’s your expectations that may disappoint you (those last two are ones that other people discovered and I’m just learning from their mistakes)
  • Sometimes what people say they want is not REALLY what they want.
  • Jamba (think Jamba Juice) is the Swahili word for “intestinal wind.”
  • You never who where you’re going to meet someone who will really impact your life.
  • Take down the “special diet” card BEFORE dessert (if you’re a vegetarian)
  • There’s a Potbelly’s restaurant in Midway Airport (I learned this on the way to ACFW conference, but it’s still very important information)
  • Write things down when they come to you. You will forget.
  • Buy the MP3s. You won’t remember everything (especially if you weren’t there)
  • There’s always justification for spending money in the bookstore.
  • Lost luggage covers all seven basic plot categories: tragedy, comedy, overcoming the monster, voyage and return, quest, rags to riches (but in reverse), rebirth (Thankfully I didn’t learn this from experience either).
  • Deus Ex Machina is okay in Greek Tragedy, but it doesn’t work so well in modern fiction.
  • Some people talk to much
  • Pretty much wherever you are you will find someone willing to talk about college football (especially during football season)
  • Not everything is supposed to be double spaced (shock to all students)
  • Be flexible.

As I stop and think about this more I’m sure I will come up with more things to remember, such as, never, ever give up (even if one year you win the award for most rejections), and the best way to do research for a novel, but these are the things that have stuck with me through the brain frizzle of the past week.

Thanks to everyone at the ACFW that made the conference possible, it really was a blessing.

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  1. So are you a published author now?? :P
    How'd it go?

    Also, one time I was in CHINATOWN in NYC and people were talking about Michigan football. lol.