Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No Suggestion Today

There are 16 days until conference and I have approximately 9 chapters left to edit, so there will not be a book suggestion today.

However, at Jeannie Campbell’s Character Therapist blog, she answered a question I had about a character for one of my WIPs. Check it out here:


I have set a deadline of tomorrow to have all of my editing done, so I might have something to say on Thursday.


  1. didn't know you were going to conference! i'll be there, too. are you going to pitch the WIP i helped out with? i look forward to meeting you. :)

  2. Not the one that you helped me with, but I will be pitching another WIP. I've been editing like mad for the past several days, but I finally got it done (all except for one chapter that needs a total rewrite).

    Thanks so much for following.