Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Freakout before Denver

Two more days until I leave for Denver and the ACFW conference. I have business cards, my one sheets, a proposal (which includes a synopsis – actually, several synopses of varying lengths) and a print-out of my full novel. I’ve bought new pens, paperclips, a business card case, and a new journal (because the one I got back in November is almost full). I know what book I’m taking to read on the bus and the plane. I even have my new NaNoWriMo “Author” mug to label myself.

I know there’s something I’m missing… oh, yeah… actually packing! You know… the actual physical putting of clothes into the suitcase… the making sure you have the contacts and solution, the medications, the toothbrush, etc. That’s the part that I’m actually missing. Oh, yeah… I also have to hem those new pants I bought (or I could take different pants).

But at the same time… I’m beginning to wonder if I’m really ready. Do I really know what I’m doing? Do I have everything memorized that I need to have memorized? Do I have all of my paperwork? Am I going to get to Chicago and not have my plane ticket? What if I can’t find the shuttle in Denver?

I tell myself to take deep breaths and that everything is going to be okay.

Next time you hear from me I’ll be in Denver (hopefully!)

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