Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Ugly Truth

**Sorry this is so late and that postings have been sporadic. I’m at a convention this week and am without internet quite often.**

The film The Ugly Truth is a film about Abby and Mike. Mike is a loud mouth cable-TV talk show host (he would probably fall under the category of “Shock Jock” though the term is never actually used in the movie) and Abby is the producer for the local TV morning talk show that needs a ratings boost, and so they pick up Mike, and his attitudes. Abby, played by Katherine Heigl, has control issues, mainly that she has to be in control, and it, along with her ridiculous romantic fantasies about what the perfect man should be, is ruining her dating life. Mike, played by Gerard Butler, decides that he’s just what Abby needs to get the man of her dreams when Prince Charming moves in next door. As they continue to work together, both personally and professionally, they discover that they get along better than anyone would have ever thought, and maybe it’s more than just getting along. And maybe just maybe getting Prince Charming isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

One thing that I liked about this was that Mike’s issues were not derived from any one woman who broke his heart once upon a time ruining him for the rest of his life. Instead, he talks about how he dated tons of women in his twenties, and he got tired of giving his heart away on women who didn’t stick so he realized that they weren’t going to stick. While this is not in and of itself a completely unique situation in film and literature, it does stray from the expected.

As with any movie or book, I felt as though there were issues that could have been delved into more deeply, such as why Abby’s such a psychopathic control freak and why Mike is his nephew’s only adult male role model. The former might have given us a better idea as to what makes Abby crazy (because normal women aren’t like that) and the latter could have provided further insight into why Mike is so anti-relationship.

It doesn’t qualify as a Movie That Should Have Been Workshopped, but these are details a workshop could have brought out and maybe the original screenplay did bring them out, but they ended up on the editing room floor instead of in the film release.

This is not a movie for children or those who dislike graphic language or sexuality. It is rated R for a reason. There is a lot of language, and there are a few scenes that are just uncomfortable. There is only one actual sex scene, at the very end, and that is shrouded in darkness most of the time, but not enough it wasn’t obvious what was going on. There are also other sensual and seduction scenes, not to mention one very cute bare butt.


  1. I dont remember a butt...hmmm anyways great summary and analysis

  2. You don't remember Cute Doctor's butt when the towel dropped when she's hanging upside down in the tree? I suppose it was a kinda' fast shot :P