Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Drama Queen Series

**Updates may become a little more sporadic over the next month. I’m preparing for the ACFW conference in Denver, and so all other writing is getting pushed to the sidelines a bit. I’m going to try to keep updating twice a week, but we’ll see.**

Today I would like to talk about Tracey Bateman’s “Drama Queens Series.” This is a series of three books about three best friends, Tabby, Dancy, and Laini. All written in the first person, each book follows one main character as she goes through job displacement (and replacement ) and romance. The characters grow as their lives change and they’re wonderful reads.

Book one, Catch a Rising Star, is about Tabby, a former soap opera actress who made an enemy of the wrong writer (Think Joey on Friends), but after a several year hiatus manages to get her job back (again, think Joey). She finds herself on set with a “husband” with bad breath, her “twin children” and their rather handsome, widowed, real life father. At the same time she’s fending off the advances of a man that her mother likes, though she doesn’t. It seems like everything keeps coming in between her “children’s” father, not the least of which is his seeming attachment to her archrival. It’s a story of reclaiming what you think you want, and finding out what really matters.

Book two, You Had Me at Goodbye, is a story about Dancy, an editor who very quickly gets fired. While she’s searching for a new job, at least a new one where she won’t get hit on by her new boss, she works as a waitress in a local café and takes the time to work on her writing, something she’s always longed for but has never quite been able to allow herself to do. To make matters worse her family life is in shambles, between her parents’ on-again-off-again relationship and her newly discovered half-brother, she’s about to go crazy, and that doesn’t include the things that her brother’s best friend does to her mental and emotional state (albeit unintentionally). Will she be able to follow her dreams and will her family survive any more stress (a better question, will she?)

The final book is That’s (Not Exactly) Amore, the story of Laini, a former account-turned color-blind interior-design student that makes one mean pastry (actually she makes a lot of them). When she offers to help update a friend’s business she could never have expected that it would lead to attention from two different men, a new roommate with boyfriend issues, and involvement with the mob. When her mother, who has been in a 12-year depression after the death of her father, decides to remarry after only a few weeks, Laini isn’t sure she’d be able to take much more.

These books are all very well written and are great examples of Christian Chick Lit.

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