Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today I’d like to talk about some of my favorite web comics that I follow. I’ll admit, they make me a little bit of a geek, but they’re so well done that I don’t really care. Several of these are already linked in the “Some of my Favorite Places to Go” section to the side, but all the links are below their descriptions.

Order of the Stick: One of the first web comics that I started following was Order of the Stick. I was having a particularly bad day and a friend of mine sent me this link and I’ve been following them ever since. This comic follows the adventures of a group of people living in a Dungeons and Dragons world. What is great about this comic though is that you don’t have to actually play D&D to find this comic absolutely hilarious. Many of the jokes have little to nothing to do with the game, and those that do don’t require a real in depth knowledge of the way the game is played (pretty much all you need to know is that it’s in a fantasy type world and that you role dice to get points to do things). The characters are amusing (most of the time) and you get attached to this guy’s little stick figures.


Sequential Art: I stumbled upon this comic and read all of them in one night. It follows Art, Pip (an anthropomorphized penguin), Kat (an anthropomorphized cat), Scarlet (an anthropomorphized squirrel) and Leonard (their pet platypus – not anthropomorphized). They get into all kinds of adventures, from trips to the mall to secret undercover government operations and crazy shadow creatures that live in the secret lair in their basement. Some of the content is a little racy (probably PG 13 level, I think), so this is probably not appropriate for small children, but other than that it’s pretty amusing.


Phoenix Requiem: This comic a longer, more graphic-novel style format, and is not a comedy. It is set in a time like the late 1800s and follows a small town experiencing some strange goings on. The comic is beautifully done and well thought out. It updates twice a week with 2-3 pages coming at a time, and it’s always exciting to see what is coming next.


The Meek: This is a new comic that I’ve recently started following. The writer of Phoenix Requiem had a link to it on her page. It’s so early in its life span that it’s a little hard to tell you what it’s about, but like PR the pictures are so beautiful and the comic so well thought out. One point of caution, this, too would only be appropriate for mature audiences, not because it is racy in and of itself, but the main character at this point, is either unclothes or topless. This is not done in a sexual way by any sense of the imagination, she is simply naked because she doesn’t have clothes, but again I would not suggest it for young children


Girls with Slingshots: This comic is only for mature audiences. It’s interesting and absolutely, but it deals with very mature topics a lot of the time. This is one that would say would probably appeal much more to women than men, but I could be wrong. The catch phrase is “Two girls, a bar and a talking cactus” and while that is a gross oversimplification, it’s true. The characters are a little more broad than that, not only are there the two girls from the catch phrase but there are also a couple of guys, a woman who works in a “library” (her code for an adult bookstore), and some women with… let’s say… interesting hobbies. It requires a special kind of audience, but if you fit the bill you just might find that you love GWS too.


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