Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Susan May Warren

Susan May Warren (SMW) is one of my favorite authors. She has the ability to weave a story in such a way that you believe in the heroines and you fall in love with the heroes. She (almost) always adds that touch of mystery that keeps you guessing through the whole story and she does it all so flawlessly.

I first became really aware of SMW when I read Happily Ever After, a novel about Mona, a woman attempting to open her own bookstore in the town of Deep Haven, MN, and Joe, a handyman of sorts, with a past full of secrets. This book was followed by Tying the Knot, and The Perfect Match, other books in the Deep Haven series. Other single titles, often in compilations as well as more series have followed, such as the Team Hope novels, The Heirs of Anton series (with Susan K. Downs), The Mission: Russia novels, the Josie books, The Noble Legacy and now the PJ Sugar Novels.

Most of her novels are in the third person (he, she, they, etc.) however, in the Josie books Everything’s Coming Up Josie, Chill Out, Josie! and Get Cozy, Josie! she uses the first person, and creates a wonderful example of a Christian Chick Lit series. In Everything’s Coming Up Josie, Josie is a twenty-something young woman whose ex-boyfriend just married her sister and whose best friend is getting married to some woman she doesn’t even know. What’s a girl to do but join up with a one year English teaching program in Russia? When reading this book I kept thinking, when did SMW get a look into my life, from the TV shows that I watch (such as Lost) to jokes that my family makes (“Anybody want a peanut” from The Princess Bride) and to Josie’s feelings as a single Christian woman, I felt like I could relate to her in such an incredible way.

One of my favorites of hers (though it is incredibly hard to pick just one) is In Sheep’s Clothing, the first book in the Mission: Russia series. In Sheep’s Clothing is about Gracie, a young woman who has spent the past year or two as a missionary in Russia, and is now headed home to the United States. But before she can leave some good friends of hers are killed and the local police force has reason to believe that she may have the answers they need to solve the case. So they send Vicktor after her. Sparks fly as Gracie and Vicktor fight with one another, the bad guys who are after Gracie, and their growing feelings for one another (Careful, or you might find yourself falling for Vicktor as well).

The link to SMW’s website is in the “places I like to go” section if you’re interested in reading more from and about this great author.

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  1. SMW is the best. She has the amazing ability to capture the readers attention. I read the first Noble Legacy and the first Mission Russia book in one day each! I couldn't put them down!!