Thursday, June 11, 2009


So this is the plan (as it stands now). I’m planning on updating every Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesdays the plan is to talk about a book, author, series, product, etc. of which I am a fan, and why I appreciate them. Some of the books/series/authors/products/etc. you will have heard of before, but some of them you may not, so stay tuned.

On Thursdays I plan to do more general entries about books, writing, movies, TV, and from time to time life in general. For this first Thursday I thought I’d introduce myself a little bit.

I graduated just over a month ago from the University of Michigan with my Bachelors in English. As well as studying Shakespeare and Austen I studied fiction writing under some great writers who taught me a lot about writing and editing. For the last three semesters I worked one on one with a writing professor who helped me work my way through the writing and editing of my first novel, currently entitled Matches & Matrimony. I’m currently working my way through a second edit, a very long and grueling process, before I attempt to send it out to agents.

I love to read. I’ve pretty much always loved to read, and I owe that primarily to my parents who are both bookworms themselves and who read to me a lot as a child. I read a lot of fiction, though I’m discovering the wonders of a well written biography. I’m kind of a strange English Major because I’ve not read a ton of the classics (though many I should have for classes, so I can discuss their importance and the key elements in them), I’m not a big fan of Dickens (though from what I understand I just haven’t read the good ones), and I consider “Chick Lit” and it’s sub genres legitimate fiction (I’m sure there will be more than one entry to come about that).

I look forward to sharing my perspectives on reading, writing, movies, etc. with you, as well as hearing what you have to say on topics. Again, stay tuned, for there is more to come.

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